It Is Very Common In Dogs And Is Sometimes Seen In Cats .

The pupil remains wide open, so protect your pet from sunlight if your veterinarian prescribes atropine. A special stain called fluoresce in is used to identify the ulcer on the cornea. The infection produces enzymes that break down the corneal stoma. A deficiency of vitamin A and protein may lead to the formation of a corneal ulcer. The cornea is the window of your eye and permits light to enter the eye. Fungal corneal chinese acupressure ulcers require intensive application of topical anti-fungal agents. This can dry the cornea and can make it susceptible to ulcers. 5. Untreated corneal ulcers and infections may lead to: When to Contact a Medical Professional Call your health care provider if: You have symptoms of corneal ulcers or an infection You have been diagnosed with this condition and your symptoms become worse after treatment Things you can do to prevent the condition include: Wash your hands well when handling your contact lenses. Microbiological culture tests may be necessary to isolate the causative organisms for some cases. With the proper medical care, a healthy cornea heals within a week.

Cornea..002 Nov. 218:792-7. It is very common in dogs and is sometimes seen in cats . Ask how much to take and when to take it.

Corneal ulcer